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JJ Design – House and Furniture

JJ Design offers a selection of houses and furniture, with a low prim count and realistic textures, to make your home or land beautiful. I will also personalize my creations to fit Residents' color and texture choices.

 You can see everything here:

Prices are a very nice surprise.

Almost all of my items cost about 50L.


Lisbon Store by JJ Design - House and Furniture

•• 154 prims
•• 2 Floors
•• 40 x 40
•• High quality construction and texturing
•• Modify and copy rights, so you can customize your store and not lose the original
Lisbon Store by JJ Design, it’s a building designed to be used as a store, a club, an art gallery or any other enterprise that requires a structure of this size.


JJ Design - Building in SL7B

Olá amigos,
Queria informá-los que estou este ano a construir na SL7B, para quem não sabe, são as festividades do sétimo aniversário da SL.
Será uma celebração cheia de animação, concertos, festas e uma mostra de criadores e artistas que vale a pena visitar.
O que eu criei é uma surpresa. Deixo no final do texto a frase que serve de tapete de entrada à minha construção, para que tentem adivinhar.
Deixo também as datas importantes desta celebração e a minha Landmark, para me puderem visitar.
Estão todos convidados.
Beijos a todos.

Hi dear friends!
I just wanted to inform you that I’m building this year in SL7B_festivities of the SL’s seventh anniversary.
Please don’t miss this celebration full of entertainment, concerts, festivals as well as an exhibition of designers and artists.
What I created it’s a surprise. Just try to guess and read the sentence I leave at the end of the text, which it’s written at the entrance to my building.
I also leave the important dates of this celebration and my Landmark, for you to pay me a visit.
You are all invited.

"Please come in!  But...
"Please come in! But...
Are you sure you can really come in?
Are you sure you are able to sit in a chair or lie in a bed?
Humm!... Let’s see!
You are all invited!”

SLurl:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL7B%20Contrary/235/219/22

Important dates:
June 21 - 10:00 a.m. SLT: Gates open to the public for the opening ceremonies.
June 23 - The Birthday!
June 26 - Official closing ceremony.
June 27 - Last day of entertainment.
July 3 - Gates close.


Walk-in Wardrobe

Prims: 15

Have you ever thought about having the perfect place to dress or try on clothes? That you can put in your home, inside a room or even in the sky?  "JJ Design" brings to you the "Walk-in wardrobe". A set of class composed of two wardrobes, sofa with animation sit, wall picture, portuguese Arraiolos rug and a ceiling lamp that lights with one click.

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